11 benefits and reasons for using teardrop flags at a trade show

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Ok, you are a trade show participant, and you want to improve your brand identity and showcase your business and attract as many customers as possible. This is your main focus, and so you print advertising material like brochures and pamphlets to distribute to prospective customers. Today I will give you 11 benefits and reasons for using teardrop flags at a trade show.

However, did you know that it is not only digital media and printed pamphlets that grasp a person’s attention? A teardrop flag is also rather effective at marketing your company name and brand than other promotional materials. Read on to find out how.

Teardrop flags–What are they?

For those of you who do not know what teardrop flags are in the first place, well they are lightweight, portable and foldable banners. They are teardrop shaped flags which come in various sizes for you to choose from based on how much you want to print on it. These flags have a rather taut display and so do not wave as much in the wind as feather flags do.

There are lots more reasons, and benefits to using teardrop flags at a trade show. Read on!

1. Strong and durable

Not only the banner, but even its base is also strong enough to support your flag throughout the time spent at the trade show. Most of these frames comprise of an aluminum pop-up stand that is not only strong and durable for display, but also light for transportation and storage.

2. Uses minimal space

The flags so do not end up taking up much space both at the trade show and while in storage. While the banner folds away into the base, the telescopic pole supporting it easily collapses to be folded away.

3. Fits into your car

Thanks to the aluminum frame these flags are light and easily transported from one venue to your cupboard, into your car (yes, you don’t even need a van to carry it around) and to the next trade show venue. This is an important benefit to remember if you will be attending various trade shows and need promotional material and content there.

4. Maximum visibility and worth for money

They offer maximum visibility because you can use both sides of the flag. It is left to you to decide if you want to print the same information on both sides or perhaps advertise about your product or company on one side, and print your contact details on the other side.

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1. Foldable and portable

These teardrop banners are foldable, which means you just have to fold its’ metal frame to conveniently store in its accompanying carry bag. The bag not only keeps your banner safe from dust and sunlight and possible fading, but it is also convenient for carrying the bag around from one trade show to another.

Yes, you do not have to buy another banner if you have another trade show waiting for you in a few weeks or months. All you have to do is carry and use the same banner at the next venue.

2. Safe to use

Though made of metal, these banners are safe to use at a trade show. There is no risk or possibility of it injuring any passers-by or potential clients. There are no protruding parts that may harm anyone.

While they do have ground stakes that help keep the banner in place on soft surfaces like on grass, or soil in case it is an outdoor trade show, they will not harm or injure anyone.

You do not have to use the stakes if you are in an indoor trade show. You just have to use something heavy like sandbags to keep them down on hard surfaces.

3. Multi-purpose banners

They can be used to not only advertise about your stall, but you can also use them to direct visitors to your stall. You can place them at strategic points like at the admission or registration office, where people will see them and note your stall number. You can also place them at the trade show boundaries for maximum brand exposure and advertisement.

4. Long lasting

As the content on teardrop flags is printed using dye sublimation process, the graphics can last for about 6 months to even 2 years, even if used outdoors. Besides, the material used in teardrop banners is durable, washable and weatherproof.

So the combination of the material and the strong printing process ensures you have a long-lasting banner. However restricting its use outdoors helps increase its lifespan.

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1. Cheaper than other marketing options like TV ads

Teardrop flags are a more affordably priced marketing material than TV ads and newspaper. TV ads are effective only if seen. And you do not know if your target audience will be watching TV when your ad is running.

Even if your target audience is in front of the television when your ad runs, the ad lasts only a few minutes. They have only a few minutes to read and absorb whatever you have to say.

There is a high chance of your potential clients answering the phone, heading to the bathroom or even just forgetting whatever you say in the television ad. Besides, shooting for a television ad is rather expensive.

You need to have someone act out your ad, which is expensive. When it comes to newspapers, you do not know how many people buy or read the newspaper you plan to advertise in. You do not know how much visibility it will offer your business.

There is also a chance of people not reading your ad because people who read the newspaper are usually interested in the latest news and information, and tend to just skim through advertisements.

The same applies to any ads you create for the local radio station. You never know who is actually listening to the station when your ad is running. So you only end up wasting your time and money creating the ad.

This means that there is a high chance of your target audience missing your ad. Things are quite different in tradeshows. As long as you participate in a trade show that is related to your product or service, people visiting the trade show will be looking out and interested in learning more about the different things available at the show.

They generally put aside time to visit the trade show and have all their focus and attention on everything readable in the show. They will be looking out for banners, pamphlets, and brochures to gather as much information as possible about the things they are looking for.

If you place your teardrop flag near the registration office, there is a better chance of people seeing and reading it. They will usually be waiting in line to register, and this is when they look around, to notice and absorb everything they see.

If they find you interesting, and want to pay your stall a visit, they will next look for help reaching your stall. This is where your directional signs come in useful. Just make sure you also include arrows in the signs so that possible clients are properly directed to your stall.

So you see, while a TV or newspaper ad will most probably go unnoticed, the chances of people reading and responding to your teardrop flag are so much higher. Besides, it is so much cheaper too.

You can use the same banner at as many trade shows and conventions as you want. This is unlike TV, radio and newspaper ads. You have to pay for a fresh ad every time you participate in a trade show. And you will most probably have to pay for a repeat of the ads too, which is also expensive.

2. Anyone can order and set up a teardrop banner

It is also worth mentioning that teardrop flags are so easy to make and assemble. There are so many online sites like vancke.com you can visit to choose and design your banner.

You have to first decide if you want to print promotional or informational content on the banner and design the flag accordingly. You can add your contact details and of course, your company logo for better visibility.

It is even better if you use your company colors if any. Then once you have chosen your design you just have to decide how many banners you want, and how many sizes you want.

Choose based on how and where you plan to use them at the trade show. You may need to provide more information about your product or service on the banners which you keep outside your trade booth.

However, a banner placed at the entrance or registration booth should preferably provide information about where your stall is located and something about your product.

Directional signs do not need much information about your product but should contain more of your contact details. They should be more attractive to attract maximum attention of passers-by.

Once you are done composing and printing your content, and placing an order, you will receive the teardrop flag within a few days of placing your order.  See? You have done everything on your own so far!

Do not worry. Even if you have no idea at all about what to print on the flags the printing companies generally have a team of in-house designers and writers who will help come up with something useful and interesting for you.

The best thing is that once the banner reached you, setting them up is a cinch. You do not have to depend on, or call someone else to help you assemble the flag. Yes, you do not even have to spend time assembling rods like other flags.

These teardrop flags work based on a retractable system where all you have to do is pull it from the base, slot a telescopic pole in place and your banner is ready!

The flag has a flat base and a pole which provides the banner with the necessary support. You do not have to hang any flags, put up any poles, or even hit any nails in. All you need to do is bring the banner in its bag to the trade show and set it up wherever you want.

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This is why it is better to invest in a good and reputed company known for the explicit banners they produce like vancke.com. Though you may have to pay a little more than some other stores for their products, you end up saving money in the long run. The teardrop flags are longer lasting and can be used at as many trade shows as you want, and as many times as you desire.

1. Saves you money

You can actually save money too by using teardrop flags at the trade show because they do not need take up much floor space. This means you do not have to rent out additional space just for marketing, and placing flags.

It is especially helpful if you have a small booth space because your banner will not end up getting in the way of other important promotional items like sample or display booths.

You save money because you do not even have to spend extra for any advertisement space or provisions. You do not even need to ask permission to put up the banner on places like on walls.

Choose banners properly- The right teardrop flag offers maximum benefits

Choose your banners wisely. Choose them based on where and how you plan to use them at the trade show. They come in different sizes, and have a better potential of attracting the attention of different groups of people. So make maximum use of this factor while choosing flags.

You have vertical banners which are available in small, medium and large sizes. Most companies sell their small size at about 5 feet tall, and an extra large sized teardrop flags which is usually about 12 feet tall.

These signs are best placed outside your booth or at the registration stall. They require minimal space because they are more on the taller side than on the broader side.