Sideline banner-The new but effective face of advertising

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Looking for an effective means of advertisement for your business? Well, one of the best options available is outdoor sideline banners or sidewalk signs. Just place it on the sidewalk to let people know about your product or services.

It’s the fact that it’s easily visible by people walking or passing by that make it a very effective advertisement medium. If you are lucky it may even prompt some impulse buying!

Despite being a relatively new entrant in the advertising field, sideline banners have grown quite popular and are high in demand in the marketing and promotion niches.

These sideline banners are not created equal, as expected. There are A-frame signs in various shapes for you to select and use based on where you plan to use it and of course your budget.

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Reasons to buy and use sideline banners

Besides the multitude of available sizes, there are some three more reasons that make this system great for your business. They are:

1. The banners are high in density and generally come in 3 layers of closed-cell foam construction. The reason for this is to provide for durable and lightweight construction that’s also entirely safe to use.

Besides, the 3 layer form construction also means that the A-frames are strong and rigid enough to properly display graphics. You don’t have to worry about any words or images sagging or looking awkward because of the A-frame system.

2. You don’t have to depend on only the size of the banner while making a choice. Supposing you plan to use it at an event, and need to cover a large area, all you have to do is connect numerous sideline banners side-by-side for as long a distance or area as required.

1. These banners are easy to set up and also to pull down with its unique twist and fold technology and design. Besides, the design also helps save on storage space, ensuring the banner is safely stored when not in use.

2. The sky’s the limit when you think about the best venues and occasions to use these banners. You can use them wherever you want, to advertise about any product, services or campaign you want.

You can use them to advertise about gyms, bars, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, as directional signage, as real estate signage, at an event as an advertising campaign and so much more.

3. A-frame sideline banners are a cost-effective form of outdoor advertisement that easily reaches multiple target markets using minimal investment.

It doesn’t matter if you are using it to announce a company rewards program, a new product line, to advertise about a sale, to strengthen your brand awareness or just to present some event information; it makes the perfect form of effective advertisement.

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As mentioned earlier, there are so many places where you can use A-frame sideline banners to advertise about your ware. Here are some common and most used applications:

· Restaurant and retail locations

These banners are perfect to draw the attention of passers-by to any restaurant or retail outlet. You can use the banners to advertise, and let passers-by know about all the specials, menu and upcoming events you have to talk about. The right signs and images can turn a passer-by into a customer.

The businesses that typically like using these signboards include all retail stores that have some sidewalk frontage to place the banner, mall stores, coffee houses, and clothing boutiques.

Many restaurants and restaurant chains have also benefited through the consistently positive results these banners garner as effective portable outdoor advertising.

Not only are the signs affordably priced, but they can also be quickly and easily changed by anyone. Even your employees can do the work, without the need of going through any specialized training. Besides, these banners are lightweight, making it easy for employees to carry inside at the end of the day.

Though sideline banners last a long time, it’s worth changing them frequently to renew your customers’ interest and intrigue about your business and location details.

· Real estate and rental property management

People in the real estate and rental property market like using sideline banners to promote the attributes of their rental properties and properties for sale. Not only will the signs advertise and inform about the properties, but they can also be used to point the way to new commercial and residential real estate developments.

The more information you manage to transfer to your potential customers through the banners, the more trust you will be able to establish with them.

· Non-profit organizations and schools

Churches, schools and other non-profit organizations maximize the versatility and durability of A-frame sideline banners. These signs make the perfect and most cost-effective solution for advertising about any upcoming event like a fundraiser.

The fact that these signs are light and portable makes it all the easier for people to carry it from one place to another, like to the event site. The signs can be used there to either inform guests about the event or for giving directions around the venue.

Use multiple banners with similar logos and messages to establish logo recognition and spread awareness amongst prospective customers.

· Sports and special events

Sideline banners prove useful in any sporting event. They can be used to deliver your message, brand or tagline while you place multiple banners along the diameter of the venue.

These banners are visible by anyone sitting in the stands of the sporting venue, and even by people watching it on TV. So you can get an idea of the reach, and advertising effectiveness of these banners.

They are much more effective at advertising about your brand because they are visible to spectators through the length of the game, unlike the momentary ads placed on television which TV viewers may not even acknowledge.

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Benefits of using sideline banners

There are so many benefits to using sideline flags to advertise about your business. They include:

1. Attractiveness

As you know, these banners when placed outside your establishment attract the attention of passers-by. Use the right colors and font to trigger their curiosity, and make sure you print relevant details and images so that they get to know more about your business, and what to expect if they entered your establishment.

The first impression is always the best. So make sure you print something straightforward and will affect them the most. Don’t just stuff the banner with content and images.

Leaving some blank space around the print makes it all the more readable. You could even consider adding a border around the banner to heighten the chances of attracting passers-by and helping them read your sign much faster.

2. More space

With sideline banners being double-sided in design, you have more space to print whatever you want to get across to the reader. You could perhaps print something about your business on one side with contact details, and perhaps any special orders or deals you have to offer on the other side.

So instead of printing and spending on two banners, you can have everything printed on a single sideline banner. Besides, with content printed on two sides, you have assured visibility on both sides and directions of the banner.

3. Durability that ensures the banner lasts for years

The waterproof materials used in sideline banners make them durable enough to withstand multiple weather conditions. With the right care, these signs can serve you for not months but years.

You don’t even have to spend too much time or effort on care. While it’s okay to leave the signs outdoors, you can prolong its life if you bring it indoors or keep it in the shade when it’s really hot outdoors.

The extreme heat of sunlight can in the long term fade the colors and print on the banners. Similarly, there’s the possibility of the flag tearing up or getting damaged in windy and bad rains. This is why it’s better to bring in the banners during inclement weather conditions.

4. Portability

These banners are lightweight enough for anyone to easily carry it inside and out, or even from one venue to another in its carrying bag. Yes, these A-frame stands to reach you with a carrying case to store the flag in when not in use. The signs can be weighted down with water or sand to ensure it withstands windy conditions.

5. A cheap form of advertisement

Sideline banners tell a lot about your business, ware, and services. The right images and content can give most people all the information they require to know more about you.

You can reach out to thousands of people, just by spending about $100 on the sideline banner, making it an affordable and inexpensive marketing strategy for businesses, especially small businesses.

You just have to make a one-time payment and you can use the banner to advertise about your business or offers every time you set it up. with so much at stake, it’s important that you use the right font, colors, letter size, spacing,

and images so that anyone reading it can read it quickly, even while driving by. Don’t clutter the sign with unnecessary and too many words, and use contrasting colors instead of similar colors for increased visibility and better attraction towards your key message.

6. Your own choice of designs

You are at liberty to choose and print anything you want on sideline banners. You can print something relevant to your business or your event. Even if you are not sure about what to print on the banner, most companies like have their own in-house designers who will be able to help you out here.

They have their own templates of different sizes to use for vertical and horizontal pop-up sideline banners. Their designers will also come up with something unique and different if you have the time to wait for them to unleash their creativity.

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1. Is it possible to use digital photos on sideline banners?

Yes, it is possible as long as the image is of the required or permissible quality or resolution.

Most companies like even have their specific types of equipment for artwork supplied. It’s better to check with them before sending something over.

2. Is it possible to customize logos to use on the banner?

Yes, it’s possible because most banner companies have their in-house designers to help you out here.

Their designers will ask you a few questions to find out what you want to project and achieve through the banner and accordingly come up with a relevant logo.

3. How long does it take for the sideline banner to reach me?

Many variables decide this because a lot depends on the availability of materials, the size, and type of design, design approval and production schedule. It generally takes 10-14 days to print, and send the banner to you. Most companies are ready to make changes to accommodate any urgent requirements or needs. Just make sure you mention this while placing your order.

4. What should be printed on sideline banners for best effects?

The best sign is one that attracts maximum customers while giving your business the right exposure and identity.

This is possible only if and when the banner is clear and easy to read and understand. Remember; keep it simple by printing only important and relevant contact and content information.

So you see there are so many benefits and uses to sideline banners. They may be new to the advertising industry but have indeed carved a space for themselves in this short period.

Just make sure you print the right and relevant information on it using the right colors, store and take care of it while in and not in use by storing it in the provided storage bag and to print as many banners as you may require.

If you plan to use more than one flag, then it’s better to print them in bulk at a time. This not only maintains consistency within rates but also works out to be a cheaper option.