How banner flags are used locally in Australia and New Zealand

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How banner flags are used locally in Australia and New Zealand? With the internet making shopping all the more easier and convenient, Australian retail store owners like you wonder how you can attract customers and increase footfall traffic to your store.

Well, not many know that it’s pretty much easy, as long as you know that there are still many people who love an in-store shopping experience. It is this audience you have to tap your marketing resources at so as to generate as many visitors from them as possible.


They help improve your store’s facade

This means that the most important thing you should know, and do, is to make them attracted and want to visit your store. You can do this by improving your store’s physical attributes or image.

In short, just like you focus on wearing the best clothes and shoes to look attractive to others, you also have to start working on improving your store’s facade with the help of the right banners or flags.

Of the many types of signage available, feather flags provide a formidable solution to draw attention to not only your business but also products, events or productions. Yes, feather flags have so many local uses and applications to business people and even organizers in Australia.

Feather flags are popular for their versatility

These flags are also known as feather banners, flag banners, swoop flags and advertising flags. They gave rise to phenomenal popularity and demand in the business advertising world because of its various attributes.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors, can be used for years together because they are long-lasting, easy to maintain and mainly because they offer a cost-effective means of advertising.

Besides, they are also easily set up anywhere. You don’t even have to wait for anyone to help you. And you can do it yourself. Also you can choose between the popular single-sided lags that have prints on one side and produces a see-through mirror image on the opposite side.

If you are ready, you can pay a little more for double-sided flags where both sides of the flag are used for printing different images and content. These flags give you more worth for your money because there is more space to print relevant store information.

custom feather flags

Possible applications of teardrop banner flags in Australia

There are so many ways you can use teardrop banners or feather flags in Australia. A few options are:

1. As advertising and promo flags

You can use these flags to advertise, and let people know about an event or conference you have planned. You can also let people know about your stall and product or brand in a trade show through the flags. They are also great to let people know about any open house you will be holding for the house that’s up for sale.

2. Use in shops

As mentioned above, feather flags are great for attracting local customers to your shop. You just have to put up the flags in the right places, to inform people about your newly opened store or about any sales you have going on or about anything special you have to offer them. You will later find out the best places to put up the banners to garner maximum visitors to your store.

3. In schools

Many businesses also put up their banners at the border of the venue of any school’s sports day or other events.

feater beach flag 44
4. In real estate

As mentioned earlier teardrop flags are popularly used to advertise about an open house in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and other major Australian cities. Even real estate companies use these flags to advertise about their business in trade shows, conventions and any other event where they gain maximum exposure through the many participants, visitors, and audience at the event.

5. In churches

Many people use flags to inform others about baptism and many churches also use them to make the kids’ ministry more attractive with the colorful flags.

6. Golf tournaments

Feather flags are especially common at golf tournaments. You can find many of them fluttering in the wind at the tournament to let the many visitors and competitors at the tournament about the event’s sponsors.

The flags are also used as directional banners to help players navigate through the tournament and golf course. Besides, these high-quality and fully-colored digital printed flags add some professionalism to the event.

feater beach flag 57

Different ways to maximize the advertising effects of teardrop flags

You can set up a few small feather flags, preferably printed in full color, with something short and sweet printed on it.

Another alternative way to use the flags for larger stores is to perhaps line up a few tall, fluttering feather flags  in front of your establishment, or at the parking lot.

They are best printed in full color, with some information about your establishment printed on each flag. You could perhaps print the working hours on one, your name and business on the other and something special you have to offer on the others.

These fluttering feather flags work wonders at grabbing the attention of passers-by. It’s the fluttering that captures people’s attention, and as long as the flags are colorful with the right font and colors, they will also get the message across.

Reasons to use teardrop banners for your Australian store

There are so many reasons that justify the need for using teardrop banners to advertise about your Australian store.

· Cost-effective customized advertisement

Besides, this is a cost-effective form of advertising which you will not regret using. You can easily print high-quality banners at a price that’s easy on your pocket.

This is because digital printing has evolved over the years, and is now all the more easily and cheaply performed. You can customize the banners using your content, colors, and font.

Even if you don’t have any idea about what to print on them, most of the companies like have in-house designers who will help you out. These banners are so cost-effective that if you take good care of them they will last not for one year but for many more years to come.


· Accuracy

It is when you decide about what you want to have printed on the flags that you can determine its accuracy. There is no worry about the wrong message or images ending up on the flag because of poor and inaccurate prints and colors.

You in the process receivean accurate and long-lasting flag you can use to advertise about your store for at least a few years to come.

· Longevity

This is one of the main reasons so many stores in Australia are using feather flags to promote their store.

This is why they are generally weatherproof and rip-proof, making them the right choice for long time use. You just have to make sure you properly store them in their customized storage bags when not in use. This way it will be ready for use when you need it again, even after a few months or even a year.

The banners are printed using UV resistant ink, which means that there is no worry about the colors and prints fading in the sunlight. Of course, you can prolong its life by avoiding its use in direct sunlight where there are excessive UV rays. However, you are sure they will last for at least a few months even if you use them in the direct sunlight.

· Easy to customize

Feather flags are so easy to customize, you can do it on your own. You don’t even need a designer in Australia to help you, even if you are not good at graphic designing.

As long as you have a rough idea of what you want to print on the flags, you can use the help of the many in-house graphic designer sites like have at your disposal.

You can alternatively try to come up with your design using the many template designs they have to offer.

In a nutshell, you don’t have to make do with any standard designs or design templates. Feather flag designs let you choose and design a feather or teardrop flag as per your needs and requirements.

· Large enough for extensive promotion

Feather flags are spacious enough to print important and relevant information for people to get to know about your local Australian business. You can either print some basic information on one single flag or divide and print minimal but different information on separate flags.

Also you could perhaps print details about your working hours on one flag, your discounts/deals or treats you have to offer onto another flag and perhaps your contact details like name, telephone number and website details on a third flag.  And you can then repeat the same information on a few more flags to get the message across better.

· Durability

The specialty of feather flags  for local Australian use is that they are durably built.Companies like use high standard UV resistant ink for printing purposes like top quality European ink and not cheap Chinese made ink.

Besides most banner companies  in Australia and New Zealand know that poor sewing quality can lead to flags that get quickly damaged.

Some companies even provide extra protection of the flag tips for an improved and stronger flag. In these cases the flags are encased with a tip protection PVC which increases the fabric strength and resistance against fabric damage which is common in flags with vulnerable tips.

· Versatility

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to use these flags to just promote your store at its entrance. You can place and use them practically anywhere both indoors and outdoors. It’s all thanks to the multiple stands that accompany the flag.

You can use the flags at indoor or outdoor trade shows, golf or football or any other sports tournament to either advertise about your ware or even as a directional sign.

It’s because there is a spiked stand to poke into the grounds as support if you are using the flag at an outdoor venue. In case of an indoor venue there are water bags you can place on its circular stand for additional weight and support to ensure the feather flag doesn’t topple over.

It’s also useful for advertising about an open house or a special meal for the day. Nothing is limiting the way you use the flags. Do take the time out to inform me if you do find a new and interesting way to make use of these flags!