How to get Better Results from Pop up Advertising Signs At All Events

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If you are looking for a unique and long-lasting advertisement option for your business that has far-reaching effects, then you should consider using pop up advertising signs. This can be considered to be the most economical and conservative advertisement option for you because of its structure, versatility, and rates.

How to get better from pop up advertising

What is a pop-up advertising sign or banner?

For all of you who don’t know what this is, well it’s a unique advertising sign for both indoor and outdoor marketing purposes. They are famous for providing instant visibility and convenience.

They are available in various sizes for you to choose and use according to the event you plan to use it for. You can use it to advertise in a multitude of events where the main intention of the sign is to highlight your business and you.

The sign is lightweight in structure and can be easily folded to carry and set up anywhere you want. The banner is made of 250D polyester that makes it long lasting and durable enough to use as many times as you want, in both indoor and outdoor locations.

It can be used to direct visitors to your store in trade shows or exhibitions, to advertise about your business in indoor sports meets, for golf day branding, corporate branding or used in any other way you feel feasible for it. These banners are usually available in various sizes and shapes to choose as appropriate for your need.

And as the sign comes with premium quality graphics on both its sides, it offers maximum visibility to people from all sides. The graphics are digitally printed, making them long-lasting.

You are at liberty of choosing the font and graphics to use to customize the pop-up A-frame banner to your specifications. Of course, in case you don’t have anything, in particular in mind, the printing company generally has a database of graphics and other relevant material you can use for your flag.

The graphics when printed on the flag are near photo quality, which is a plus point for you. Its way better in function and visibility than the other heat-transfer or silkscreened graphics that are usually used for advertising purposes.

Features of a pop up advertising sign

The most important feature that makes these pop up advertising signs so popular is its versatility. It can be used for advertising in both indoor and outdoor events. you can use them at sporting events, trade shows, promotions, car shows, tourist attractions like the zoo and aquarium, road races, beach events and even as directional signs.

As the banners come in a folding, pop-up frame, they are safe to use on sports fields as there’s no worry of any potential injury to players.

  • Size and shape

Pop-up advertising signs come in various sizes and shapes to choose as appropriate for your graphics and marketing purpose. Most companies calculate the flag size based on the flag stand’s full height. The flags are generally about 50cm shorter than the stand, and it has a purpose so that the flag is kept off the ground.

  • Flag graphics

The graphics on the flag are printed using dye sublimation process. This is how and why the flag can be washed, is weatherproof and durable for extended use. The graphics last for at least 3 to 6 months even in the sun before it may start fading. It is because the colored graphics on the flag offer minimal glare that they are also suitable for photography purposes.

  • Durability

Besides its polyester, the flags are generally stitched using double-sewing lines and finished off with a canvas pole sleeve for added durability and longevity. Some flags have hook and loop distancing straps. These straps help ensure the flag remains upright, and are properly expanded when in use.

  • Usable in windy conditions

The flag comes with pegs or ground spikes which have to be used to secure the banner down in windy conditions. They are obviously needed in outdoor, grass-covered regions.

  • Has a carry bag

Some companies provide a carry bag that also works as a base for the flag, which is also held in place using pegs. These bags are very strong, making it safe and convenient to carry your flag wherever you want for all your advertising needs. Besides, the bag easily fits into your car’s boot or back seat, so you can easily carry it along with you wherever you go.

The bag not only serves the main purpose of storing your bag when in transit but also makes sure all the flag components are kept safe in a single place without any chances of any pieces getting misplaced.

How to get better results from pop up advertising signs(1)

6 Tips for the best graphics on your pop up advertising sign

Designing the perfect pop-up A-frame banner is so easy. You can do it in your free time at the office or in your bedroom before you go to sleep. You just have to log into the website of the printing company you will be placing your order with, and first, choose the ideal shape and size for your flag.

You can then use the help of one of the many artwork templates the site offers or use the help of their designers to place any idea you have in mind onto the flag. In addition to this, it is better keeping the following tips in mind to ensure you have the best graphics that make your flag stand out from the crowd.

  1. Choose the right images

You need to choose a print that people will notice by selecting the right images, fonts, and colors for the flag. And this doesn’t mean you can squeeze in anything you want into it. It has to be perfectly balanced and follow a few essential printing points.

     2. Right color choices

Along with fonts, you also have to choose your colors wisely. It’s only if the background color contrasts well with the content and graphics of the pop up advertising sign will viewers be able to see and read your sign easily. Though you may be tempted to make your banner colorful it’s better to use only two to three colors. The flag doesn’t look confusing this way and offers more clarity.

Many people also make the mistake of using design software in CMYK mode while choosing colors instead of RGB. RGB is a better option because it offers you a larger spectrum of colors to choose from and has a file size that is about 25% smaller than CMYK files. Besides, most Photoshop and similar programs have filters and functions which can be used only in RGB color mode.

     3. Use vector images

It is always better to use vector images, considering the size of your banners. They are better than bit mapped images because vector images are resolution-independent. It’s using the help of mathematical equations that it’s shape, colors and Ines are determined. This is how and why your image remains sharp even if it is scaled to a large size.

Bitmaps, however, have a fixed number of pixels that will look blurry and jagged if you scaled up too far. Besides, vector images have a smaller file size which keeps your computer operating quickly reduces the uploading and downloading times and also prevents storage drives from quickly filling up.

     4. Choose and use the right fonts

It is the right fonts on the pop up advertising signs that ensure its maximum reach and visibility. Remember, the purpose of these flags is that it should be view-able from afar. So choose fonts that are not stylish, but more readable.

Basically, avoid using too bold fonts as they look crowded. But even fonts with very thin lines are not suggested as they tend to disappear in the background.

Avoid fonts that leave letters crowding together as it’s difficult for passers-by to identify the letters, and thus read and understand your message. The best way to find out if you have chosen the right font is by trying to read the message while standing some distance away from the monitor.

     5. Take page bleeding into consideration

When you speak about bleeding in the flag, it’s a case where the flag’s printed material or color extends to the page ends. This is a factor that’s often overlooked but can luckily be quickly fixed.

So what you have to do is leave a border on the flag while designing it. This border is provision for bleeding and a margin of error to work with. You need just 3-5 mm of space throughout the flag edges, and fill the space with the same background color. Just make sure that there are no images, numbers or letters creeping into the border while designing the flag or else you risk losing them as the flag is printed.

     6. The flag design should be well balanced

The intention of using your popup banner is to publicize your services or products in such a way that passers-by can easily read and absorb whatever is printed on it. This is possible only if the flag isn’t crowded with content and images.

But at the same time, you won’t be able to garner much attention to your flag with minimal designs. In other words, it’s only a well-balanced design that gets most views and glances. To maintain a balance in the flag design, you need to use minimal graphics and place them in such a way that there’s lots of space surrounding each image.

This way you know that your viewers are not overloaded with information. Though intricate designs may look intriguing and unique, they will not help at attracting attention. It’s instead better to use simpler graphics like line drawings on the flag which are easily observed and understood even from a distance.

Last, but not least, the flag shouldn’t be full of text. It should have the most important words distributed between a headline and a few sentences; just enough to let people know what you want to say.

Benefits of pop up advertising signs

Versatility in use is the main benefit for these pop-up A-frame banners. In addition to this, there are quite a few other reasons and benefits of making investing in the flag a worthwhile proposition.

  1. Long lasting

As the graphics are digitally printed there’s no fear of it running in the rain. While it’s safe to use the banners outdoors, it’s better to restrict the amount of time it’s under the sun. While it takes some time for the graphics to fade, too much sun exposure can lead to its fading. That’s why it’s better to use the flag intermittently for indoor and outdoor venues for longer lasting use.

     2. Easy to set up

They are easily set up as there’s no need of any hitting any nails on the walls or putting stakes on the floor to put them up. There’s also a provision in case it is windy. Most flags come with grommets and spikes which prove useful for securing the flag in outdoor, windy and grassy conditions.

How to get better results from popup advertising signs

     3. Safe to use

The folding ‘pop-up’ fiberglass frame also makes them safe to use on sports fields since they present no risk of injury to the players. There is no worry about any protruding wires that may hurt players while playing.

     4. Useful as fun ball targets

You can easily use these banners not just to promote your brand, but also as ball targets to keep children and adults entertained at a fair. In other words, they also make the event and your brand more fun-loving through the ball game you play with it.

It can even be safely used indoors in the office as the signs can be customized to use with rugby, soccer, golf or AFL balls as desired. These ball target signboards have one, two or three target holes for balls and come with or without printed flags.

The backside of the sign is usually solid. This serves dual purposes. It ensures there’s no worry of the ball passing through the banner, and also can be used for advertising and branding purposes.