Feather flags can help bring customers to your hair salon

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Now that you have set up your dream hair salon, it is time you let people know about you. Of course, newspaper and magazine ads will help, but in addition to it, feather flags are quite effective at drawing attention to your newly established business.

What are feather flags?

No, these are not flags filled with feathers. The reason they are named so is that their structure resembles a flag. You can choose between flags of different lengths ranging from 10 to 20 feet. It is generally enough to get a feather flag that is about 13 to 17 feet tall.

You can attach and dismantle the flags as many times as you want. This means that you can use it to advertise about your hair salon at its entrance or even carry it along with you to trade shows or exhibitions to market about it.

These feather flags are designed to last for quite some time. This makes it convenient for you to use it numerous times at different venues. Besides, it does not matter if you are doing your marketing at an indoor or outdoor event. This is because the flags come with different bases to use as per your needs.

You can use the spike to hold the flag down at an outdoor venue like a ground or on grass, or you can use its cross base with water or sandbag at an indoor venue like a stadium. The water bag is used to weigh down the flag and prevent it from toppling over if and when accidentally hit.


Reasons to use feather flags to advertise about your hair salon

1. Affordably priced

The biggest reason to use feather flags to promote your hair salon is that it is an affordable marketing option. The fact that you can place your order online makes it a cheaper option when compared to the expensive local flag makers.

This is especially true if you compare them with electronic signage that can cost thousands of dollars. And while websites do give you online visibility, they cost a few thousand to a hundred thousand to make.

On the contrary, feather flags cost anywhere between one and two hundred which is definitely a cheaper and better form of advertisement.

2. Durable and reusable

Besides, these feather banners are re-usable, where you can use it for as many times as you want. So you can make a onetime investment in one or preferably a few flags, and then use them as many times as required.

With the right care, like carefully dismantling and storing them in the supplied carrying case to store and carry to other venues, and not using it too much in the hot sunlight which may discolor the flag, you will be able to use the flag for at least a year. This is necessary because like everything else, the flags also go through a natural deterioration process with time.


3. Customization

Another reason is its customization benefit. This means you can use the help of online design tools to design your own message, font, and graphics to highlight your hair salon.

They are especially effective at promoting your logo, and in the process, can even help in branding. In fact, this is the main reason that big brands resort to using them to advertise about their ware and their brand.

The right choice of colors, words, and layout go a long way in altering the way people look at your salon. Do not forget to use a Call to Action in them and that a simple message that’s to the point is always better.

4. Size

The height of these flags gives you all the more reason to use them to advertise about your hair salon. While bigger ones do garner more attention, sometimes you may have no option but to use a smaller one.

This is usually because of county restrictions that only allow flags to go, or not exceed 10ft, or the total height of a given space. This means that if your salon has a 12 ft ceiling, then there is no point getting a taller feather flag. Use one that is less than 12ft in height for maximum effects.

5. Versatility

As mentioned earlier, the flag’s versatility is an important reason to use them for advertising about your salon. You can use them indoors and outdoors thanks to its versatile mounting hardware.

6. Easy to set-up and take down

You don’t have to depend or wait for anyone to put up, or take down your feather flags. You may at the most need about 15 minutes to set it up by yourself.

Tips for effective feather flag marketing for your hair salon

The right use of feather flags can have a huge influence in your hair salon business. Read on to learn a few worthy tips:

1. One is not always enough

While you may feel that a single flag is enough, marketing gurus advocate using multiple flags. You can actually fathom why, because multiple fluttering flags naturally attract more attention than a single one.

2. Right color combination

The right colors play a huge role in effectively marketing your hair salon. For example, it’s always better to use brighter colors because they reach a larger audience.

However, too bright colors are not advised because it makes your brand look unprofessional. You could perhaps evaluate your target audience’s color personality while selecting colors.

With a majority of people having shades of blue in their personality, it’s not surprising that blue is a common color in ads.

3. Place them right

It’s important that you know where to place and use your feather flagsfeather flags. While there is no ‘perfect’ spot to remember, it’s always better to keep it as close to your salon as possible, unless you are promoting it at some other event.

It’s a rule of thumb to place flags wherever it’s visible by maximum traffic. so if you have a choice of placing the flag in front of your salon, which leads to a small street or on the back side that has more traffic, it gives better effects if placed at the back side.

4. Better effects during special events

You may not see that much of an increase in patrons if you have your flags up and fluttering throughout the year. They have a better effect in bringing in more customers if you use them to promote special events.

The presence of flags during special events intrigues the curiosities of people who haven’t used your salon and makes them want to enter and try you out. It doesn’t matter if you hold a promotional event on a monthly or annual basis. Spontaneous use of flags generates more interest and visitors and also prevents the flag from warping in the sun.

5. Send a better message through multiple flags

As feather flags are not so wide in structure, you won’t have much space to print too much on each flag. You can at the most have a logo and one or two words printed on it.

Simpler flags are easily understood by the passer-by. Too many words crammed into a single flag is difficult to understand and will not get the message across well.

It is better buying a few flags and creativity adding a word or two onto each flag to create a sentence or some message that will be projected over the flags.

Mistakes to avoid in feather flags

There are a few simple, but important mistakes you should avoid to garner more interest and patrons through your feather flags.

1. Too long messages

Do not try to cram in too much information onto the flags. Remember your potential patrons have only a few seconds, use them wisely by projecting only important details that they should read and know.

This means that perhaps the opening hours, your specialty and your contact information should be highlighted clearly and short. You have to decide what has to reach out to them, and accordingly, include that in your sign.

For example, if you want to let them know about your salon, and then you need to have the words hair salon printed on it. If you want to get your number across, then it should be given priority and not your address or logo.


2. Using the wrong colors

Don’t make the mistake of using the same colors for the font and background. It’s difficult to read whatever is printed on the flag if the font is the same color as your background color.

Similarly, just because you like a particular color combination doesn’t mean that it fits your banner. Some colors are difficult to read if placed atop other colors. Even using a bevy of colors on a single sign is annoying, and won’t help at getting your message across.

3. Wrong location

It’s important you strategically place your feather flags. Putting up the flag in the wrong places will not serve its purpose.  It has to be somewhere there is maximum traffic and generate more attention.

As feather flags are tall, it’s better to avoid using sky-blue as the background as the flag may blend in with the skyline. Similarly, short flags shouldn’t have too much of green if there is lots of greenery around. They will not be visible to serve its purpose to passers-by.

4. Using fancy scripts as font

If you want our feather flag to let people far away know about your hair salon, then you have to use a legitimate and readable font to print your message. Something written using a fancy script and heavy gothic fonts isn’t easy to read. They will not understand what is on it, and besides, they have to spend more time deciphering the message, which isn’t practical.


5. Too small font

Message printed using too small sized font are also difficult to read. Make sure the font is large enough to be comfortably read by a person driving by in a car from afar.

6. No consistency

Hair salons don’t usually have a brand per se. however, if you plan to put up multiple feather flags, make sure you print your message using the same colors and font you had used to print your store name. This helps maintain consistency and is easily remembered and associated with your store name by the person who sees it.

7. No white space

Some people suffer from a fear of white space, and they feel that there shouldn’t be any empty space on the flag. They just work at filling up the entire sign, which in turn negates the flag effects.

They use huge letters and images that only end up crowding the sign, and make it difficult for anyone to read whatever is printed on it. What’s more important is enforcing as much empty space in between letters and images to easily get whatever message you want to say across.

8. Poor grammar

Yes, you may not realize it but a poorly written feather flag using poor grammar reflects badly on your establishment. Make sure you proofread your feather flag content before printing it. Anything wrong in spellings, grammar, and even colors and design reflect poorly on your business.


Now you know all about the reasons to use feather flags to market about your hair salon and the mistakes to avoid while printing your message, it’s time you did something about your hair salon. While there are many sites you may approach for help and guidance with feather banners, vancke.com is a leader in the industry.

They have their in-house designers who will help come up with an appropriate design for your flag and also guide you into choosing the right feather flag for your hair salon.

Remember, feather flags are great assets for your hair salon marketing campaign. In fact, most of the best and most popular brands still use them today. They are affordable, can be customized to your requirements and can draw in more customers if used, designed and placed appropriately.