Why your hair salon needs teardrop flags

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As a hair stylist, you tend to create hair styling masterpieces for your customers, and introduce new hair treatment options. You work at making them look the best with the right haircut and treatment.

Just like you choose the best haircut for them based on their face shape and hair type, you should use the best advertising campaign to let as many people know about you.

What better way is there to achieve this than with the help of flapping, feathering, flattering and swooping teardrop flags?

Yes, these are all the things you can expect these flags to do because they are not like ordinary stiff flags. They are shaped like a teardrop and though rigid in structure, are flexible enough to flutter in the wind to grab people’s attention. It thus helps provide an exciting and stylish way of advertising about your hair salon.

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Why your hair salon needs teardrop flags

· Extreme visibility

Yes, unlike other traditional advertising options, teardrop flags are extremely visible. They stand tall and are designed using bright colors to let people around your hair salon and to let them know all about your services and about any promotional activities or offers you have. In other words, with teardrop flags, you know your salon will be noticed.

· Increases traffic

This is but natural and complements the first reason. The improved visibility the teardrop flag provides to your hair salon obviously leads to more people visiting you. The more you divulge about the different services you offer at your hair salon, the more people you can expect.

You could perhaps opt to use not one, but a few teardrop flagsat the entrance of your shop or mall. Instead of squeezing details about all the services you have to offer, it is better to print each service you offer on each flag.

This means you could use one flag to advertise about your hair cutting prowess, and another for your hair styling skills and another, for hair colors. You reach out to more people this way, which in turn leads to more traffic.

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What exactly are teardrop flags?

Feather flags are also referred to as flutter flags or swooper flags, and teardrop flags are one variant of them. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! The flag is called a teardrop flag because it’s more rounded in shape, like a teardrop, which differentiates it from other feather flags. The flag tapers as it reaches the base while the top part comprises a wide and roundish space for printing your message.

1. Construction

One marked feature about teardrop flags that should be mentioned is that it’s built to last. Once you buy a flag or a bunch of flags, you can use it as many times as you want, for as many years as required.

Of course, this also depends on your usage. The more it’s used outdoors, the quicker the flags tend to fade with time. Yes, you have the option of using these flags both at outdoor and indoor venues.

It’s not necessary that you only use them outside your hair salon. If you will be participating in some trade show at an indoor venue, you can use the same flags to advertise and let people know about your stall there.

2. Indoor and outdoor use

If you wonder how come these flags can be used both indoors and outdoors, it’s because the banners come with not just one base, but with a few different varieties.

You can choose between a spiked base for outdoor use and a round base that is weighted down with sandbags or water bags for indoor use. However even though the flags are designed to use outdoors, it’s always better and safer if you bring them inside during extreme outdoor weather conditions. This helps prolong the banner’s life.

3. Hardware

Teardrop flagsTeardrop flags come with durable fiberglass poles which you have to choose and order based on your requirements. Most flag companies like vancke.com offer a choice of three sizes for you to choose from.

Obviously taller flags are better if you want to target clients from afar, where the flags will be visible from a distance. However, if you plan to just place it in front of your hair salon, just to tell passers-by about your salon, then it is better to use shorter flags which are easier for them to read.

The banner’s pole is of fiberglass, and is made of a few sections and has a round end. This is a preventive measure, to prevent the pole tearing the banner during strong winds.

The flag usually comes with a tether line which with the ground spike, can help secure it. It is the ball bearings in the flag that keep rotating to let it spin freely in the wind.

4. Use to advertise all your copy material

If you have a catchy tag line or logo that many people know about your hair salon, then you can use the teardrop banners to display the tagline and logos and contact information.

This is especially useful at tradeshows, where you can place the flags at the entrance. This improves the chances of people learning about your hair salon and all the special services and sales you have to offer.

5. Display special deals and offers

Teardrop flags are best for letting people know about any special offers and deals you have at your hair salon. It’s much more effective than printing ads in the newspaper because newspaper ads are a one-time investment.

You have to pay for another day if you want to repeat the ad another day in the papers. Instead of spending on newspaper advertisements every other day or week or month, it is way better to invest in a few teardrop banners. You will be able to use anytime you have something special to offer.

Teardrop banners are great for using inside your salon too. You can use them to let your regular and new clients know about the services you offer, and any special discounts and offers you have scheduled for the day.

This way your customer can get all the information they may want from the banners, and save your time by not asking you the same questions.

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6. Customized printing

Teardrop flags are printed using UV-resistant inks. This is to ensure it lasts longer outdoors, with minimal fading. Besides, the full-color dye sublimation printing process provides for much better absorbency and clarity in the printing.

You can customize them to project your salon at its best. As mentioned earlier, it is better using a few of them so that you can tell passers-by more about the different services and offers your hair salon has for them.

The fact that the flags are made of polyester silk materials make them easy to maintain and store. As you will be folding and keeping it in their accompanying carrier bag when not in use, the polyester banner doesn’t wrinkle much. If it does, it’s anyway not visible, so will not spoil its looks.

7. Choose between single or double side prints

One of the major advantages of teardrop banners worth mentioning is the fact that you can opt to print on either or both sides. You can actually save more money in this way because you can either print the same content on both sides, or perhaps present an image of a hairstyle or hair treatment on one side, and use the other side to print your contact information and perhaps timing.

There is no worry about any color leaching with double side prints because there is a lining in the middle that prevents the prints on each side showing through to the other side.

In fact, it is better to use a double-sided teardrop flag for your hair salon because its prints come out much more vibrant and noticeable from any direction.

Besides, the single-sided versions with only one side prints are rather print-through in nature. This means that there is a chance of your design being slightly visible from the back side.

While single sided flags may be cheaper, they are not as effective at advertising about your hair salon and offers as double-sided options.

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8. Versatility and portability

Teardrop flags are not like other banners where you may need help hanging them up. They are lightweight and can be easily dismantled and assembled by a single person.

You do not have to wait or depend on someone else to set it up. Unlike other banners, you don’t have to ask any permission to hit nails on walls or get permission to set them up.

The flags have a small base and take up minimal space, to conveniently be put up in minimal space in front of your hair salon, inside it or even at an exhibition or trade show.

Besides, once dismantled, you just have to place all the parts into the accompanying carry bag, place it in your car and store them till the next time you need it.

9. Minimal maintenance

You can prolong your flag’s life with proper, but minimal care and maintenance. Make a habit of washing them once they get filthy. This is not a problem because they are anyway safe to use in washing machines. However, it is better to air dry them because these materials cannot be machine dried or ironed.

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How to get best results from your hair salon teardrop flag

While using bold and preferably the right colors are the best steps to employ for a very effective banner, there are a few other handy tips you can use for maximum visibility and results from your flag.

· Proper hierarchy with words

As you will be printing some content on the flags, you can get better response and effects if you print them in the proper manner. This means that you should have the most important text placed either at the top of the banner, or you can alternately use the largest text for it.

The reason for this is that even if someone takes just a fleeting glance at the banner, they will at least realize the message you wish to convey to them.

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· Use proper alignment

Alignment is important, especially in cases of banners containing photos and text. You have to work at creating an appealing look where all the design elements are properly lined up. This means that if you plan to place the text in the center of the banner, then your hair salon image should also be placed in the center, and not on the sides.

· Proper color contrast

Not only should you use the right colors in your banner, but the text and background should also be in contrasting colors. The reason for this is that reading the text will be difficult if it’s too similar to the background color. In fact, the two may even seem to blend together to someone reading your banner from afar.

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· Use minimal design elements

When it comes to printing, less is always more. This means that the fewer design elements used in the banner, the clearer and easily understood it is. Design elements are nothing but the photo, text and any clip art you think may make the teardrop flag look beautiful.

While it may look beautiful to you, remember that the purpose of the banner is to convey some important information to the reader. So if there is too much printed on the banner, then it gets difficult for the onlooker to read it. It’s better to create a sign that’s easily read and understood.

· Minimal number of fonts

Similarly, you may enjoy trying out, and even using a few fonts on your teardrop banner. However, too many different fonts in a single design only make the banner look unorganized and cluttered.

It may even prove difficult for someone to read and understand from afar. It’s better to thus limit the design to only one or two fonts because it looks more cohesive, and creates a banner with text that’s easy to read.