Eye-popping feather flag ideas for your Black Friday sale

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Hey! The biggest spending weekend of the year is just around the corner, and your business deserves a piece of the revenue. So many people head out to malls and shops on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Why should you miss out on a chance of maximizing your serious profits and growing your clientele base?

Small Business Saturday is meant to garner support for small mom and pop shops in town. If your shop falls in this category, advertising about your shop on this day helps expand your customer base.

What is so special about feather flags with poles?

There is no better way to let people know about your Black Friday weekend sale than through feather flagsfeather flags with pole. It is especially perfect to advertise about such retail events just outside your establishment. They flutter in the wind, which is how it captures the attention of potential customers.

Feather flag manufacturers like vancke.com use a dye sublimation process to bond the ink of your text and graphics to a fabric. This fabric is a special heat transfer material which is then bonded to your chosen feather flag. The process helps produce rich and vibrant, long-lasting colors and laser-sharp text.

With the right colors, you are sure your 8’ feather flags pole kit will get noticed on your storefront or parking space. These kits comprise of the flag and its detachable parts and a choice of bases.

The ground spike is useful to easily set up the flag outdoors on any lawn or grass. There’s another round base to use for setting up the feather flag someplace indoors, like the stadium. And you can even place a sandbag or water bag on the bees for added support to prevent it toppling over.

You can create and buy as many feather flags with poles as you require. You can also place them wherever you like. They are most often placed in front of your store, and around town to let people know about you.

You can also set them up in parking spaces, trade events, and local sports events. These are spots where people frequent, and perfect to advertise about your Black Friday sale.

How to create the perfect text for your Black Friday ad

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Some customers practically camp outside stores so that they are the first few entering the store on the sale day.

You have to take advantage of this shopping craze through your own Black Friday promo and sales. You will have to attract customers by creating the right ad to advertise your deals.

Companies like vancke.com have their team of in-house designers to help design your flag for you. However, you can also create and send your design to have it printed on the feather flags.

You can create customized promotional ads in seconds using an online banner maker. You do not have to create or draw designs. They have templates to guide you through the process. You just have to choose and use the right words and colors in the right places your ad is ready!

With feather flags offering minimal printing space, you will have to choose your words wisely. This is the only way to ensure you get only the right, necessary and effective words printed on the flag.

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Use the right words and offer

The first thing to decide upon is the Black Friday offers you plan to hold. For example, you can’t expect much business if you offer 10% off when your competitors slash rates by 50%. You need to spend some time researching to finally offer the best deal that generates the most profits.

By research, you can find out how much discount your competitors have offered over the years. You could also take a look at your previous years’ Black Friday performances and sales. Look for trends and patterns, and if there’s a year you did well, find out why and how.

You can also get creative with your offer. You could mention that your margin may be low. This is to compensate for the free gift you have on offer with each purchase made.

You can also offer daily deals or bundled deals. The only thing to remember here is to pair useful and right products together to sell at a reduced rate. Free shipping is another great way to drive and increase sales.

Your feather flag with pole could also have text that helps you generate more sales during the holidays. For example, you could offer a loyalty program and bounce back coupons customers can use at Christmas.

Your Call To Action is important

Your feather flag should also have a Call to Action (CTA) with the right words. It’s only after deciding the offer should you next decide on the best call to action words to use.

You may also consider where you will be placing them. This helps to decide the number of words to use for your CTA. There is no point coming up with 3-4 words if there’s space enough for only 2 words.

Your call to action words should be so effective that they make people want to enter your shop. Examples are Buy Now, Claim My 50% Off, Special Deals Here, Massive Savings Inside, Learn More and Start Saving.

There however is one point to remember. Make sure that the CTA you select and use is easily understood. You do not want the feather flags with pole creating any confusion on Black Friday!

Not only should the CTA words be right, but you should also ensure it stands out of the flag’s background. The CTA won’t work much if prospective customs can’t see it because it merges with the rest of the flag. The rule of thumb to follow is using a color for your text that lies opposite of the color wheel.


Common questions asked about feather flag content

1. Do feather flag companies provide templates to create Black Friday ads?

Yes, most companies like vancke.com do have onsite templates to use and create an interesting and compelling Black Friday ad. You just have to download your preferred template and use it for your artwork.

Remember that feather flags with a pole should have content printed with at least a 1 cm bleed around the edges. This ensures everything on your file is printed on the flag. There’s a chance of some words or images lying at the extremities going missing if there’s no bleed space.

2. How do we send images to them?

You will have to check on the individual feather flag manufacturer’s website for their available options. Most of them provide an email address to send your ads.

3. What happens if my artwork ends up too large to upload?

Don’t worry if your file doesn’t attach and can’t be sent to their given email address. All you have t do is approach the company for help and instructions. Each company has its own file transfer options available.

Just make sure you add your company information and your order number while you transfer your Black Friday artwork file. This is to prevent any possible mix-up and confusion.

4. Which is the best file format?

It is always recommended that you create your artwork in vector format. This format gives the best and high-quality prints of your Black Friday ad. So save your file in a PDF, EPS or Ai file. In case the company offers the JPEGs option, then it has to be in the highest resolution available. This is at least 300 dpi at 100% print size.

5. Are PowerPoint or word files accepted?

This once again depends on the company. However, most of them cannot print from PowerPoint or Word files. They will, however, help recreate the artwork on a suitable file for printing purposes.  They, however, may charge extra for the studio time spent doing this.

6. Do feather flag companies recreate artwork?

Yes, you needn’t worry about the artwork if you don’t have anything ready. Most companies have in-house designers who will design your Black Friday ad for you at a cost.

7. What is the preferred color mode to use?

It is always better if your document is set to CMYK mode.

8. How much bleed is enough and proper for my artwork?

Feather flags with pole manufacturers generally request at least a 10mm bleed around the design.

9. What is the preferred scale for providing my artwork?

It’s generally 100% print size, but some companies also accept a 50% print size. You will most probably have to make a note in your order if you are providing art on any other scale.

10. Do feather flag companies check for grammar and spelling errors?

No. This is not their job. They are only responsible for printing whatever design and text you provide for your Black Friday ad. It is left to you to thoroughly check your content for grammar and spelling errors before submitting it.

Why use feather flags to advertise for Black Friday

There are various reasons for selecting feather flags with poles for your Black Friday advertising campaign:

· The greatest benefit is that you can use the same feather flag with poles every year. It is because the flags are UV resistant, and do not easily fade in the sun. With the right care, the flags will serve you for a long time to come.

· The feather flags are flexible in structure and feather-shaped which is why they flutter so easily in the wind. It is this fluttering action that attracts the attention of people passing by.

· You can print either on one or both sides of the flag. While a single-sided flag is cheaper, a double-sided one depicts your message. There is a chance of color bleeding in a single-sided flag. It only makes your flag look unclear and messy.

· Feather flags with pole can be placed anywhere you think is best for garnering attention towards your Black Friday sale. For example, you may first set it up in front of your store.

But you later decide that it may be better if it’s set at the street corner where there are more people. You don’t have to wait for anyone to help you shift the spot. You just have to pick up the flag and change its position!

· Sometimes wear and tear may lead to your pole bending while the actual flag is intact. You needn’t worry about this because you can order a flag replacement pole and continue using the flag.

· Feather flags with pole come in various heights. You decide if you want an 8’ feather flag pole kit, a 12’ feather flag or if you want something taller. It all depends on where you intend to place the flag, and how far away it should be viewable.

· Each 8’ feather flag pole kit reaches you in a carrying case containing the flag pole parts and bases. You easily join the pole parts and set it up for your Black Friday sale. Once you are done, just dismantle the flag and safely store it in the carrying case for next year’s use.

· Feather flags are ideal for Black Friday, and any form of marketing because of its timeless nature. It is made using the best quality parts and printing for increased longevity. As long as you don’t mention dates, you can use the same flag as many times as required.

Yes, you do have to advertise online for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. However, at the same time, you cannot afford to neglect to attract your local clientele.

This is where feather flags with poles are the most effective to serve the purpose. They are long-lasting, convey your sale message and are quite attractive when it flutters.

Besides, you can order only for a feather flag replacement pole if the 8’ feather flag pole kit’s pole gets damaged. The sales your feather flags help generate through on Black Friday will far exceed its costs!