Proof That Feather Flags are Exactly What Your Deli Needs

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Are you fed up with spending money on standard banners to advertise about your deli?  Do you find them expensive because they end up torn on windy days and the colors tend to quickly fade away? Let me tell you the proof that Feather Flags are exactly what your Deli needs!

Besides, they just don’t seem to work much because you can’t place them anywhere else besides the spot you first set them up. Worst of all, they are seldom visible to anyone passing by, so it doesn’t serve its purpose much.

Instead of dishing out so much money on ineffective standard banners, why not think about using feather flags with pole? They have many more benefits. For example, they are more attention-grabbing thanks to its height and fluttering design.

You can easily assemble and disassemble them and place anywhere you want. Most important, they are longer lasting and affordably priced, just what you need to advertise about your deli!

Are these signs made of feathers?

Don’t worry if this is the first question that popped to your mind. In fact, quite a few people think the same, and are confused because of its name. Most think it is some sort of an eco-friendly banner built of, or associated with feathers.

On the contrary, there’s nothing connected between feather flags with pole and feathers except for its shape.

So in brief, feather signs are colorful, attractive and feather-shaped flags. Most businesses set them up in front of their establishment to advertise about their business or any special upcoming event.

They can be easily set up by either sticking it into or placing it atop the ground. You do not even need anyone to help you because anyone can do it alone.

It is the fiberglass feather flags pole that comes with the flag, and renders them lightweight. However, they are still strong and durable enough to withstand most windy conditions and will not end up torn up.

You may have seen quite a few of them colorfully arranged outside car dealerships and huge corporate buildings. They tend to practically ‘mushroom out’ of the ground during special events like Black Friday and Christmas season. This is when people make maximum use of feather flags with pole to advertise about their sales and offers.

Sizes are deceiving

The most common reason that may make you wonder if these flags will effectively advertise about your deli is it’s size. Yes, while these feather flags with pole are relatively smaller to look at if compared to other signs, they are no less effective.

As long as you know how to strategically use and place them, they will be much more effective than any other advertising medium. Besides, not all of them are short or small in size.

There are various feather flags with pole sizes to select from. All of them have a basic format of a fiberglass feather flag pole supporting a nylon or polyester material.

They range from tiny 2’ feather flags to tall 10’ feather flag poles and taller. The shorter ones are generally found in front of smaller establishments like a deli or a coffee house.

You usually find the taller banners outside huge corporate buildings. Yes, you can use a few of them instead of one to ensure you catch the attention of even attentive drivers.

Feather flags

Tips to use your feather flag with pole to maximize your deli visibility

Here are a few tips that should help you make the best use of your 10’ feather flag pole at maximizing your deli’s visibility.

1 Right location

You should ideally set up your fiberglass feather flag pole at a place where there’s lots of foot traffic. This helps reach out to a wider audience, you’re your entrance or deli vicinity is formidable spots.

Don’t worry if your deli doesn’t have much foot traffic. Take some time to observe where people come from the most, and how they may see your flags. For example, if you are located down an alley opening to a bigger street, setting up the feather flag near the street maximizes returns.

It’s also worth creating indoor specific banners. You can use them at booths in malls, trade shows and even in your deli to advertise about an upcoming event.

1. Right colors and format

Using the right colors on your feather flag makes it more effective at attracting attention. You could ideally use color combinations involving your deli colors. Bright colors stand out best in the outdoors. Some useful colors to use for branding purposes are blue to show you are trustworthy while green indicates peace.

Avoid using too long words because you have limited printing space. You only end up writing in smaller fonts, which in turn reduces visibility. Supposing you have lots of offers to convey to potential customers, then advertise through multiple banners.

How to choose between single and double-sided feather flags

Besides colors, font, and design you have to also decide if you want a single or double-sided feather flag. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages, and you have to decide based on your preferences. However both have one similarity which is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

2. Single-sided flags

As the name suggests, these flags are printed only on one side. You get a reverse image of your deli advertisement content on its back. So while your logo and text may be viewable from the back, it will be mirrored.

Single-sided flags may be a better option if you are using darker colors because they bleed better onto the other side. However, avoid using too light colors on them. They do not bleed properly and only end up making the back of your flag look faded.

3. Double-sided flags

Of course, these flags have two sides and are two flags that are stuck or sewn together. A black mesh is also placed in between the two flags to block the middle.

It improves visibility because it prevents light from seeping through. This in turn ensures that each side’s context is seen and read. Most businesses prefer these flags because both the front and back of the flag look vibrant and the content is readable.

These flags are also popular because you can have different designs printed on both sides. Or you can alternatively use the same images on both sides. This extra work, however, comes at a cost.

This is the main reason why these flags cost a bit more than single-sided flags. Besides, as you can use both sides, you naturally have a more printed area to use for your deli advertisement text and graphics.

Points to consider about single-sided flags

· They are so common because they are a cheaper father flag option. The reason for this reduced cost is because it uses a material that’s enough for a single side and not for two sides.

· The feather flag manufacturer only prints and sews one of the sides, which reduces costs. This proves that this is the right outside feather flag for those on a budget.

· Another reason for most people opting for single-sided flags is because it’s a lighter option. This also means that they don’t need too much wind power to move and flutter. In short, it works out better at promoting your deli even in situations with minimal wind power.

· These flags work well in most situations. However, they are best suited for use on one-way streets or wherever it’s visible from only one side. Of course, this doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t use them with two-way traffic.

However, remember that if you use it with two-way traffic only one side will be clearly visible to traffic. The opposite side traffic will only see the reverse or mirror of your message and images.

If you plan to use it someplace with two way traffic then print an eye-catching image or logo with minimal text. This maximizes clarity and readability so that there’s minimal confusion in understanding what you had printed.

Points to consider about double-sided flags

Double-sided flags are more expensive than the single-sided ones because the printing process uses more colors and material.

These flags end up heavier than single sided flags, which means it needs more wind to start fluttering.

Those flags are relatively longer-lasting in the right weather conditions. This is because the heaviness of the fabric leads to the flag flagging less and suffering minimal wear and tear.

Double-sided flags are not as common as single-sided ones and are thus not a cost-effective advertising option.

Double-sided flags can be used in all situations. However, they are best put up on two-way streets or where there’s minimal traffic from either side.

The two-sided feature of the flag renders it more durable and longer-lasting than single-sided flags.

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Which feather flag should I buy?

You may now be bewildered learning about single and double-sided feather flags. You naturally wonder which is better for your advertising campaign. It’s better to choose based on your preferences.

· If you want something cheaper, and quickly available then single-sided flags are a better option. Most companies have them ready, printed and packaged to send out in an instant.

· While the double-sided flags are more expensive they are a better choice of the two. This is because there’s no bleeding so it gives a high-quality print. Besides, they are longer lasting than single-sided versions.

· Double-sided flags work better at a place where there’s more foot traffic from all sides. Examples are placing it in front of your store, at trade shows or the stadium. They can be visibly seen and read by people no matter which way they come from.

· You should choose based on how much content you plan to print on it. If there’s more than your name and contact details, then a double-sided flag is a better option. However, if you will only be providing minimal details, then a single-sided flag is better.

4 ways to properly secure feather flags with pole

There are a few ways to set up your chosen banners based on where you plan to use it. It there’s dirt all around, then you can poke and jam the end of its big spike into the ground.

If it is concrete flooring, then use its big metal plate at the bottom to hold it in place. Whichever flooring you have in front of your deli, both bases are strong enough to keep the feather flag flying high in all weathers.

Most companies like also provide a third, smaller cross base. This base is perfect to use in places where you don’t need much stability like at a convention or trade show.

These bases are small in size and easy to carry around to use in one trade show to another. The only thing you may have to worry about toppling over the flag is someone who distractedly runs into it.

You can also use these signs in a fourth way, for the mobile sign advertising about your deli. You can pay college kids money to walk around with the flag mounted on backpacks strapped to their backs. Looking at the way kids can walk around, especially if they pay for it, you are sure word of your deli will reach far!

Remember, everyone needs to eat, which means your deli is a business that is always very much in demand. It’s just that you have to use the right advertisement to let yourself be seen from your competition.

There’s nothing that can do this better than the right feather flags with pole like a tall, 10’ feather flag pole. It can be seen from a maximum distance, as long as you sue the right colors, format, and layout.

With patience and after strategically placing the feather flags you are sure to find a marked increase in your deli footfall and clientele! This is enough proof that feather flags with pole are definitely what your deli needs!