Christmas teardrop flag printing- All you need to know

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With Christmas around the corner, now is not the time to sit with folded hands and expect people to flock to your store. You need to do whatever you can to maximize your reach.

You have to work at attracting as many shoppers to your establishment as possible. Christmas is that time of the year you get to rake in as much business and profit as possible.

The best way to do this is through teardrop flags. If you ask why, well it is because they are colorful and keep fluttering. The colors and movement will attract any passers-by’s attention.

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Readymade or customized teardrop flags?

You can have companies like print your banners using whatever Christmas design and colors you want. You can also choose a size you think is best fit for your design and shop.

There are also readymade holiday message advertising flags to select from if you do not have the patience to customize one. However a personalized version is always a better option than standard ones.

Standard banners are mass-manufactured. This means there is a high chance of someone else in your vicinity using something similar to attract Christmas shoppers.

That is not much of a problem if you look at it prima facie. However the problem is that your flag may not attract as much attention as it can and should.

With so many similar teardrop flags near me, shoppers may not remember or even see yours. They may assume its just part of another store’s marketing campaign and just ignore it.

How to select the right Christmas teardrop flag

These tips should help you select the perfect teardrop banner if it is the first time you are shopping for one. You have already decided you want a tear-shaped banner that flutters in the sky.

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Single or double sided teardrop banners

You next have to decide if you want a single or double printed teardrop flags near me.

Both single and double sided versions are digitally printed. You just have to decide if you want your content to be printed on one or two sides. The single-sided flags are rather common mainly because it’s the cheaper option.

There however is a slight drawback with these versions.

The graphics on the front side will be seen in the reverse, through about 95% bleed through, on the backside. The only way to prevent this bleed through and reverse printing is by stitching two of them together.

This is exactly what a double-sided Christmas teardrop banner is.

It is basically two single-sided flags that are sewn together. They also have a blackout film in between to prevent any show through.

Though double sided banners are more expensive, they offer more printing space. You can decide if you want to print the same or different information or images on both sides.

You also have to remember that double sided banners are also slightly heavier than single-sided ones. It’s because it has double the weight, and an additional film weight to bear. There is a chance of the banner not fluttering as much as single side ones because of the weight.

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Perfect Christmas teardrop banner design

Now that you have decided between a single and double-sided flag, the next thing to focus on is its design. Remember passers-by will at the most give your flags a fleeting glance. This means that you have only a few seconds to grasp their attention. You can best do this through a simple design.

Something too complicated will be too difficult for them to understand. That too in such a short time span. Look for something simple and clear.

As its Christmas time bells and gifts will most likely be a part of the flag design. You can also include your company logo and if you have any signature colors, in the flag. Just make sure that you choose and use contrasting colors for the graphics and background.

It is generally better to use lighter text on a dark background. Being Christmas time, you could print white font and text on a red or green background.

Then again, you can always think out of the box and come up with something even unique because most Christmas banners will also have the same colors.

What about printing and material?

This may be your next question, and here are some answers.

Most Christmas teardrop flag manufacturers use water-based inks to print your font and images. They are water-resistant, UV stable and still friendly to the environment.

The material most popularly used for teardrop flags is knitted polyester. It is the popular choice because it is lightweight and durable with an excellent show through and picture quality.

All fluttering banners are digitally printed, making them affordable to any and everyone. In fact, companies like may even offer discounts for bulk purchases.

As they are long-lasting, it is actually worth making use of these discounts. Besides, there are so many ways you can use them to advertise about your Christmas sales.

You can not only place them in front of your establishment but in other places too. You could place a few on the road leading up to your store or even in the parking lot if it is permissable!

Then there is the local church, one of the best places to put up any form of Christmas advertising material. Anyway, it is actually up to you to come up with the right ideas to use these flags.

Most Christmas teardrop flag manufacturers use water-based inks to print your font and images. They are water-resistant, UV stable and still friendly to the environment.

The material most popularly used for teardrop banners is knitted polyester. It is the popular choice because it’s lightweight and durable with an excellent show through and picture quality.

Buying in bulk is cheaper

You can then use them as required and once you get them. It proves that it’s worth buying in bulk. The colors don’t fade easily too. At most, there may be some fading after a few years.

And yes, you can use the same flags every Christmas. Just disassemble it and store it in the accompanying carrying bag till next year.

You can alternatively print a few signs with different wordings while buying in bulk like ‘Today’s special!’ or ‘Monthly sale’. Or you can just print your shop and contact details to use for marketing purposes at a trade show or sports events.

Another reason to buy in bulk is that you will always have at least a few of them fluttering through the holiday season. Even if some of them need to be cleaned there are others to substitute.

However this happens in rare cases because teardrop banners do not really need much cleaning. This is unless of course your area is dusty. Then there is no other option but to clean it periodically.

Know your teardrop banner bases

All teardrop banners come with a choice of bases. This is to ensure you can put up them on most types of flooring. There is the spike that holds your flag up stably on soft ground like a field, golf course or even the beach.

Then there’s the foldable X base. This is suitable for setting up a banner on hard ground like in an indoor stadium, building or trade show. There is usually an accompanying sandbag or water bag to place on the base for added stability.

It prevents the banner from toppling over in case someone hits it. There is a third type of base, the car foot base. It is useful to display your Christmas teardrop banner at outdoor events, boot fairs or car forecourts.

About the teardrop flag pole

Now here is a little about the feather flag pole which comes in sections like a fishing rod. This makes it convenient to assemble and disassemble to store or transport in a carrying bag.

Most companies offer aluminum or fiberglass poles, where aluminum is a better choice. This is because though slightly expensive, it is a more durable and long-lasting option.

Differences between screen and digital teardrop flag printing

You may have some questions about your Christmas teardrop flag printing. Well, it is quite natural because there are controversial statements about the screen and digital printing process. Besides, you will also notice that most teardrop and feather banner companies use digital and not screen printing.

Screen printing is quite popular only on banners that will be used for a long time. This is because the print remains intact for quite a long time. However digital printing offers the benefit of there being no difference with the number of colors used for printing. This is unlike screen printing where the rates change with the number of colors.

Screen printing explained

In short, screen printing is a better option if you will be printing a basic and simple design on the banner, with minimal details. They are also printed on both sides and that too in PMS colors.

For your information, PMS is the acronym for Pantone Matching System designed by Pantone Company. It helps maintain the uniformity of color printing across various media and jobs.

This is what makes screen printing a better option for huge companies like telephone companies, airways and hotel chains. They have to maintain uniformity in their banners and logos over the years and in different countries too.

Besides, screen printing is rather expensive to print when printing in small quantities. It involves a higher setup cost and is not a suggested option for your Christmas teardrop flagsteardrop flags.

In fact, it is not actually useful or economical if you need banners to advertise about your sale, open house or competitions. Besides, screen printing is not meant for printing small and detailed designs.

This is because the paints tend to run about 3mm when pressed onto the canvas. This can eventually lead to the mixing of colors.

Digital printing explained

Digital printing is the chosen printing option for banners with intricate designs and small details. There’s no worry about colors mixing, which is what makes it perfect for printing small logos and text.

Besides, it is easy to print a small number of teardrop flags at affordable prices. The print also makes your Christmas sale details and images look crisp while all the information and print is readable.

However digital printing may not be suitable if and when you have to print quite a few of them in really large quantities. Examples are situations where you need hundreds or thousands of them like for hotel chains and airlines.

As the banners are printed in full color and not PMS colors, there is no promise of any color accuracy. This means that all of them may not be 100% similar to one another. There may be some discrepancies between banners.

However, this shouldn’t be a bother while printing Christmas teardrop flags. You will anyway be printing a few or at the most about twenty or thirty or even fifty of them. They will turn out pretty well when digitally printed.

So why waste any more time? It’s time to order your Christmas teardrop flagsteardrop flags. Remember you can customize them if you are not interested in the standard versions.

You can provide your own graphics and text. But don’t worry if you don’t have any idea about designing. Most teardrop flag manufacturers have their in-house designing team who will be more than happy to help you out.

You can either ask them for assistance while you come up with a design. Or you can ask them to come up with a suitable design. You can have them base it on a rough idea you give them, of what you are looking for.

If you have your design ready you can expect your flags to reach you in a few days’ time, just in time for Christmas. So what are you waiting for? It is time to start designing and place an order!